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Installation of piston ring and piston connecting rod assembly


1. Piston ring installation:

The qualified piston ring can be installed on the piston after inspection. Pay special attention to the opening position and direction of the ring during installation. Generally, there is an upward arrow or TOP logo on the side of the piston ring. This face must be installed upwards. If it is reversed, it will cause serious oil burn failure; ensure that the opening positions of the rings are staggered from each other (generally 180 ° from each other) Evenly distributed, at the same time, ensure that the opening is not aligned with the position of the piston pin hole; special tools are used when installing on the piston, and manual installation is not recommended; pay attention to installing from bottom to top, that is, install the oil ring first, and then install the second air Ring, a gas ring, pay attention not to let the piston ring scratch the coating of the piston during installation.

2. The piston connecting rod assembly is installed on the engine:

Thoroughly clean the cylinder liner before installation, and apply a thin layer of engine oil on the cylinder wall. Apply some engine oil to the piston with the piston ring installed and the connecting rod bearing bush, then use a special tool to compress the piston ring and install the piston connecting rod assembly into the engine. After installation, tighten the connecting rod screw according to the specified torque and tightening method, and then rotate the crankshaft. The crankshaft is required to rotate freely, without obvious stagnation, and the rotational resistance must not be too large.