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Common problems in cylinder head processing


1.Stomatal failure mode
Due to the large amount of gas generated in the casting cavity during casting of the casting blank, casting defects caused by poor exhaust of the casting casting system.

2.Camshaft hole roundness
The processing allowance left in the previous process is insufficient.
The processing coordinate offset of the previous process.
The fixture positioning surface is not flat (cutting or impurities).
The coordinate dimensions of the pre-process and post-process do not coincide.

3.Scratches on the processed surface
The workpiece is produced during the conveying process.
The fixture auxiliary positioning block has burrs or interference.
When deburring manually, it is caused by improper operation of hand tools.

4.Crushed surface has been processed
When the cutting machine is clamping the workpiece, the positioning surface of the fixture is not cleaned, and the residual chips are crushed and the workpiece is crushed.
The chips remain in the water channel of the workpiece during cleaning, causing the chips to crush the workpiece when the catheter and the seat ring are pressed.

5. Crack failure mode
Caused by external forces.
Thermal stress generated during the casting process.

6. seat rings are not pressed in place
There are impurities in the bottom hole of the seat ring.
When the seat ring is pressed, the seat ring and the pressure head are not placed correctly.
The machine pressure is insufficient.
The large outer diameter of the seat ring or the small hole of the cylinder head seat ring is too large and the press fit is not in place.

7. Valve ring processing
Tool adjustment failed.
The given parameter of feed depth is invalid.
The tool mode causes the roughness to be unqualified.