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Detailed knowledge of chain sprockets


A sprocket is a solid or spoked gear that meshes with a (roller) chain to transmit motion. A cog-type sprocket wheel is used to engage a block with a precise pitch on a link chain or cable .

The tooth shape of the sprocket must ensure that the chain enters and exits meshing smoothly and energy-savingly, minimizes the impact and contact stress of the chain links during meshing, and should be easy to process.

The basic parameters of the sprocket are pitch, roller outer diameter, number of teeth and row pitch. The index circle diameter, tooth tip circle diameter and tooth root circle diameter of the sprocket are the main dimensions of the sprocket.
The sprockets with smaller diameters can be made in one piece; the sprockets with medium diameter are made in webs or perforated plates; the sprockets with larger diameters are made in a combined structure, often with replaceable ring gears bolted to the hub .

The small-diameter sprocket is generally made into an integral type, and the medium-diameter sprocket is usually made into a spoke plate type. To facilitate handling, loading and weight reduction, a hole is made in the spoke plate, and the large-diameter sprocket can be made into a combined type. The ring and the wheel core can be made of different materials.

The material of the sprocket should ensure that the gear teeth have sufficient strength and wear resistance, so the tooth surface of the sprocket is generally heat treated to achieve a certain hardness.