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About the material of the crankshaft blank


There are two main types of crankshaft materials, one is a steel crankshaft and the other is a ductile iron crankshaft. The steel crankshaft is mainly the material of steel which determines the main quality of the crankshaft. In addition, the processing technology and processing accuracy. The steel crankshaft generally uses the rounded rolling process. The accuracy of the crankshaft industry is invisible to the naked eye. In addition to the round corner rolling process, the ductile iron crankshaft also needs to be nitrided, and the color of the nitrided crankshaft is black. When selecting, just pay attention not to have trachoma, pull marks, etc. in the labyrinth part, generally there will be no problems.

Rough casting technology:


For the melting of high-grade cast iron, a large-capacity intermediate frequency furnace will be used for melting or a frequency conversion intermediate frequency furnace, and a direct reading spectrometer will be used to detect the molten iron composition. Nodular cast iron treatment adopts subcontracting to develop new varieties of spheroidizing agents, and adopts advanced inoculation methods such as incubation, intra-type inoculation and compound inoculation. The parameters of the melting process are controlled by a computer and displayed on the screen.


Lost foam casting will be developed and promoted. In sand casting, boxless injection molding and extrusion molding will be valued and continue to be promoted and applied in new or rebuilt factories. The original high-pressure molding line will continue to be used, and some of the key components will be improved to achieve automatic core assembly and core removal.