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What is the difference between supercharging and turbocharging Part1


 Turbocharged engines and supercharged engines are currently the two most used supercharging structures for engines. The main functions of these two superchargers are to inject more air into the engine cylinder and increase the air density in the engine cylinder. To improve the power of the engine. Let's take a look at the following: the difference between supercharging and turbocharging:

1. The power sources used by the two superchargers are different;

The supercharger is based on the premise of not increasing the engine exhaust volume, so as to improve the output of the power wheel. It is directly connected with the belt of the engine crankshaft belt pulley, and uses the engine speed to drive the internal blades of the supercharger to generate charge air and send it into the cylinder to increase the output power of the engine, that is, the engine rotates with the supercharger .

The turbocharger uses the exhaust gas from the engine to push the exhaust-side rotor in the supercharger, and the exhaust-side rotor and the intake-side rotor are coaxial and different chambers. When the turbo-charger exhaust-side rotor reaches a certain level At the rotation speed, it drives the intake-side rotor on the other side, so that the intake-side rotor introduces fresh external air and is poured into the intake manifold after compression.

2. The supercharger is more fuel-efficient, has no hysteresis, has good low-speed power, and high-speed power does not work;

The supercharger is driven by the engine and is directly supercharged, which consumes the power of the engine at any time. There is also a power loss from the supercharger driven by the belt, so the supercharger consumes more fuel.
In principle, as long as the engine is running, mechanical supercharging will naturally occur. The higher the engine speed, the greater the pressurization force. This way, the acceleration experience is quite linear, and it is not much different from the naturally aspirated engine, and there is no lag.

In addition, the supercharger changes with the engine speed, so the engine can get good power at low speed.
Restricted and engine speed, the general car is up to 6, 7 thousand rpm, so at high speeds, the disadvantage of mechanical supercharging is obvious, and it will be insufficient.