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The main reason for piston ring fracture


1. The reason for the piston ring

(1) The piston ring material does not meet the requirements and the bending strength is poor;

(2) The surface treatment layer of the ring is too thick, and the fatigue resistance is poor.

2. Piston reasons

(1) After the ring groove is worn, it has a trumpet shape, which makes the piston ring twist and break when working;

(2) The piston is deformed or cracked by heat, and the ring is deformed and broken by compression;

(3) The groove of the piston ring is uneven, the ring is stuck and loses its elasticity, and it is broken by the impact.

3. Reasons for cylinder liner

(1) The inner diameter of the cylinder liner is small, and the opening of the piston ring is stuck and broken;

(2) The inner diameter of the cylinder liner is large, the end gap of the ring is large, and the flutter is intensified when the ring is working;

(3) The cylinder liner is wavy, and the ring is broken by irregular forces during operation.

4. Other reasons

(1) Poor lubrication;

(2) The wear of the ring has exceeded the service limit, and it will break after continued use;

(3) Broken due to improper installation and disassembly;

(4) The step of the top dead center of the old cylinder liner is not eliminated.