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Crankshaft ion nitriding heat treatment


The crankshaft is the main rotating part of the engine and the most important part of the engine. According to the force and load it bears, the crankshaft needs to have sufficient strength and rigidity, and the surface of the journal needs to be wear-resistant, work uniformly, and have good balance.

Nitriding treatment

Due to the importance of the crankshaft, the heat treatment of the crankshaft has very strict requirements for deformation. For mass-produced crankshafts, ion nitriding heat treatment is generally used to improve product quality. For carbon steel or cast iron or low alloy steel, people often use ion soft nitriding (low temperature carbon, nitrocarburizing) technology. A large number of practices have shown that the hardness and penetration of the nitrided layer have an extreme relationship with temperature, time and concentration. The temperature control range of ion soft nitriding should be above 540℃ and below the aging temperature, and the appropriate heating rate should be selected according to the specific requirements of the parts.

The ion nitriding heat treatment has small deformation, which can effectively ensure the deformation. The white and bright layer and the permeated layer are uniform, the thickness of the permeated layer is controllable, the treatment cycle is short, and the efficiency is high. At present, the ion nitriding furnace produced by our company has achieved mass production of crankshafts, and the nitriding quality is high, which is well received by customers.