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SO6621-3 divides the piston ring materials into six series: gray cast iron, heat-treated gray cast iron, carbide cast iron, malleable cast iron, ductile cast iron, and steel. In 2012 Federal-Mogul developed the seventh series of piston ring materials, GOE70. The material uses a martensite matrix structure and embedded chromium carbide, which is resistant to bending.

The materials and serial numbers commonly used in our company:
Material number: H9 (GOE13)
Material number: H6 (GOE32 F14)
Material number: H11 (GOE52 KV1)
Material number: H11A (PVD piston ring base material)
Material number: H12 (GOE56 KV4)
Material number: H17 (GOE65C SMX70 ASL813)
Material number: H18 (GOE66 SMX90 ASL817)