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Automobile engine structure: tensioner


The tensioner is a commonly used holding device on the belt and chain transmission systems.

The working principle of the tensioner:

The tensioner is an automatic contraction tool, which is responsible for controlling and maintaining the normal tension of the chain to ensure the normal operation of the gear. The tensioner acts on the timing belt or timing chain of the engine, guiding and tightening it, so that it is always in the optimal tension state. So as to avoid the belt slipping, or avoid the synchronous belt from jumping out of the teeth and pulling out, or prevent the chain from loosening and falling off, reducing the wear of the sprocket and chain. 

Once the tensioner exceeds the service life, the automatic elastic function is lost, the chain cannot control its own tightness, and it is easy to fall out of the gear or hit other parts of the engine.

Type of tensioner:

The tensioner generally includes a fixed structure and an elastic automatic adjustment structure, wherein the fixed structure mostly adopts a fixed adjustable sprocket to adjust the tension of the belt and sprocket, and the elastic automatic adjustment structure mostly adopts an elastic member to automatically rebound to control the belt and chain Tension.