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The role of timing sprockets


The timing system is an important part of the engine's valve train and one of the important factors to ensure the smooth breathing of the engine. 

The function of the timing sprocket is equivalent to the timing belt. It is an important part of the engine's gas distribution system. It is connected to the crankshaft and cooperates with a certain transmission ratio to ensure the accuracy of the intake and exhaust time.

The role of the timing sprocket is that when the engine is running, the piston stroke (up and down movement) valve opening and closing (time) ignition sequence (time), under the connection of "timing", always keep "synchronized" "Run.

During the working process of an automobile engine, the four processes of intake, compression, explosion, and exhaust continuously occur in the cylinder, and the timing of each step must be matched with the movement state and position of the piston, so that the intake and exhaust Piston lifts are coordinated with each other, and timing sprockets play a role as a "bridge" in the engine, transmitting power to the corresponding parts under the drive of the crankshaft.