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How to distinguish the quality of auto parts


There are more and more people with cars. In the process of car maintenance and repair, car owners are often troubled by the purchase of poor quality auto parts, which not only affects the service life and user experience of the car, but also affects the driving safety of the car. So how do we distinguish the quality of auto parts?

1. Whether the packaging label is complete.

Good quality auto parts, usually the quality of the outer packaging is also very good, and the information is also very complete, generally including: product name, specification model, quantity, registered trademark, factory name and address and phone number, etc., some auto parts manufacturers are still Make your own mark on the accessories.

2. Whether the auto parts are deformed

Due to various reasons, auto parts will be deformed to varying degrees. The owner must check more when identifying the quality of the parts. Check whether different auto parts are deformed, and the method used will be different. For example: the shaft part can be rolled around the glass plate to see if there is light leakage at the part where the part is attached to the glass plate to judge whether it is bent;

3. Whether the joint is smooth

During the transportation and storage of parts and components, due to vibration and bumps, burrs, indentation, damage or cracks are often generated at the joints, which affects the use of parts.

4. Whether there is corrosion on the surface of the parts

The surface of qualified spare parts has both a certain precision and a polished finish. The more important spare parts, the higher the precision and the stricter the anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion of the packaging.

5. Whether the protective surface is intact

Most parts are coated with a protective layer when they leave the factory. For example, the piston pin and bearing bush are protected by paraffin; the surface of the piston ring and cylinder liner is coated with anti-rust oil and wrapped with wrapping paper; the valves and pistons are immersed in anti-rust oil and sealed with plastic bags. If the seal sleeve is damaged, the packaging paper is lost, the anti-rust oil or paraffin is lost before use, it should be returned.

6. Whether the glued parts are loose

Accessories made up of two or more parts, the parts are pressed, glued or welded, and no looseness is allowed between them.

7. Whether the rotating parts are flexible

When using rotating parts assembly such as oil pump, rotate the pump shaft by hand, you should feel flexible and free of stagnation; when using rolling bearings, support the inner ring of the bearing with one hand, and rotate the outer ring with the other hand, the outer ring should be able to rotate freely and then gradually stop turn. If the rotating parts fail to rotate, it means that the internal corrosion or deformation occurs, so do not buy it.

8. Are there missing parts in the assembly parts?

Regular assembly components must be complete and in order to ensure smooth assembly and normal operation.