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Detect the sealing performance of piston ring and open gap


The elastic force of the piston ring is an important factor affecting the oil injection of the exhaust pipe. The elasticity of the piston ring can be checked with a spring tester or a comparison method. At this time, the old piston ring and the piston ring can be erected together, and pressure can be applied from above by hand. If the old ring ports meet and the new ring ports still have a considerable gap, it means that the piston ring has poor elasticity. Check the contact and sealing condition of the piston ring and the cylinder liner: Put the piston ring flat in the cylinder liner, place a light bulb under the piston ring, and put a light shield on it to observe the light leakage and sealing degree of the piston ring in the cylinder liner.

The general requirement is that when measuring the light leakage gap of the piston ring with a thickness gauge, it should not exceed 0.03mm. The piston ring rotates due to vibration during operation. This is a normal phenomenon. The engine has just installed a new cylinder liner when installing the piston connecting rod assembly. As long as the piston rings are bifurcated at a prescribed angle, the openings of the piston rings will not rotate to overlap each other. When the cylinder liner produces ellipse and taper due to partial wear or excessive wear of the piston, it is possible to make the openings of the piston ring turn to the same direction until the ellipse. Because at this time, due to the ellipse of the cylinder liner, the extension of the piston ring opening is prevented from rotating, causing the ring openings to gradually overlap, the gas leaks downward, and the engine oil escapes upward and is discharged.

When the connecting rod is twisted and deformed, the clearance between the piston and the cylinder set is too large, and the opening gap of the piston ring is too large, it may also cause air leakage, causing displacement of the piston ring to form a pair. EQ6100-1 engine piston ring replacement timing: between the two overhauls of the engine, the vehicle travels about 80,000 km, which is equivalent to about 0.15mm of cylinder cone wear, or the end gap of the piston ring exceeds 2mm; engine power The performance drops significantly, the consumption of fuel and lubricating oil increases sharply, the spark plug is prone to carbon deposits, and the piston ring breaks. When selecting a piston ring, a piston ring of the same grade as the piston should be used.