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Reasons for the tightness of the engine cylinder head seal Part 2


5. Uneven cooling of the cylinder surface

Uneven cooling of the cylinder surface will form local hot spots. Local hot spots can cause excessive expansion of the metal in the cylinder head or small areas on the cylinder block. This expansion can cause the cylinder head gasket to be squeezed and damaged. Leakage and corrosion are caused by the damage of the cylinder head gasket, and are eventually burned through. Local hot spots can also cause additional internal stress in the cylinder head itself, resulting in cracks in the cylinder head. If the operating temperature exceeds the normal temperature, local hot spots will also have serious negative effects. Any overheating will cause permanent distortion of the cylinder block cast iron.

6. Relevant problems of additives in the coolant

When the coolant is added to the coolant, there may be bubbles. Air bubbles in the cooling system can cause cylinder head gaskets to fail. When there are air bubbles in the cooling system, the coolant cannot circulate normally in the system, so the engine will not be cooled uniformly, and local hot spots will appear, which will damage the cylinder head gasket and cause a poor seal. Therefore, in order to achieve uniform cooling of the engine, the air must be exhausted from the engine when the coolant is added.

7. Poor diesel engine maintenance and assembly quality

The poor quality of engine maintenance and assembly is the main reason for the sealing quality of the engine cylinder head and the main factor causing the burning of the cylinder head gasket. For this reason, when repairing the engine, it is necessary to strictly follow the relevant requirements, and the cylinder head must be properly disassembled and assembled.

8. Use inappropriate fuel

Due to the different types of diesel engines, the cetane number of diesel has different requirements. If the selected fuel does not meet the requirements, it will not only cause a decline in economy and power, but also cause a large amount of carbon deposits or abnormal combustion in the diesel engine, resulting in excessive local temperature of the body, resulting in ablation of the cylinder head gasket and the body. Decreases the sealing performance of the cylinder head.

9. Improper use of diesel engines

Some drivers are afraid of the engine stalling, so when they start the engine, they always blast the throttle continuously, or let the engine run at high speed as soon as the engine is started, so as to maintain the working state of the engine; during driving, the gear is often out of gear Turn off and coast, and then start the engine by shifting into gear. The engine working in such a situation not only increases the wear of the engine, but also makes the pressure in the cylinder rise sharply, which can easily damage the cylinder gasket, resulting in a decrease in sealing performance. In addition, the engine is often overloaded (or prematurely ignited), and knocks and burns for a long time, causing local pressure and temperature in the cylinder to be too high. At this time, the cylinder gasket is also damaged and its sealing performance is reduced.