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Diagnosis and troubleshooting of air leakage of piston and piston ring


Put the piston ring flat in the cylinder, push the ring flat with the old piston (when changing the ring for minor repairs, push it to the position where the next ring moves to the low point), and measure the opening gap with a thickness gauge.

If the opening gap is too small, use a fine file to file a little at the opening end. Frequent inspections should be performed during file repair to prevent the opening from being too large, and the opening should be flat. When the ring opening is closed for testing, there should be no deflection; the filed end should be free of burrs.

Check the backlash, put the piston ring in the ring groove and rotate it, and measure the gap with a thickness gauge without issuing a pin. If the clearance is too small, place the piston ring on a flat plate covered with emery cloth or a glass plate covered with sand valve and grind thin.

Check the backlash and put the piston ring into the ring groove, the ring is lower than the groove bank, otherwise the ring groove should be turned to a proper position.