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The problem of automobile information security is becoming more serious


According to the 2020 "Automotive Information Security Report" previously released by Upstream Security, from 2016 to January 2020, the number of automotive information security incidents has increased by 605% in the past four years, of which only those publicly reported in 2019 There were 155 incidents of intelligent networked vehicle information security attacks, which doubled from 80 in 2018. According to the current development trend, with the continuous improvement of the car networking rate, it is expected that such safety issues will become more prominent in the future.

"From the perspective of risk types, we believe that there are seven main types of information security threats faced by intelligent networked vehicles, namely mobile phone APP and cloud server vulnerabilities, insecure external connections, remote communication interface vulnerabilities, and criminals attacking servers in reverse. Obtaining data, in-vehicle network instructions have been tampered with, and in-vehicle component systems have been destroyed due to firmware flashing/extraction/virus implantation,” said Gao Yongqiang, Director of Standards, Huawei Smart Car Solution BU.

For example, in the aforementioned security report of Upstream Security, only car cloud, out-of-car communication ports and APP attacks accounted for close to 50% of the statistics of information security attack cases, and they have become the most important entry points for current car attacks. In addition, the use of keyless entry systems as attack vectors is also very serious, accounting for as high as 30%. Other common attack vectors include OBD ports, entertainment systems, sensors, ECUs, and in-vehicle networks. The attack targets are very diverse.

Not only that, according to the "Intelligent and Connected Vehicle Information Security Evaluation White Paper" released by China Automotive Research Institute, United Nations Automotive (Beijing) Intelligent Connected Vehicle Research Institute Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute during the forum, vehicle information security in the past two years Attack methods are becoming increasingly diversified. In addition to traditional attack methods, there have also been "dolphin sound" attacks using ultrasonic waves, AI attacks using photos and road markings, and so on. In addition, the attack route has become more and more complicated. For example, an attack on a car through a combination of multiple vulnerabilities has led to an increasingly serious problem of car information security.