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The difference between timing belt and timing chain


Timing chain has become one of the more "fashionable" terms recently. It is known for its safety and maintenance-free life. As long as the salesperson introduces it to customers, it can save thousands of dollars in timing system maintenance for the owner of 60,000 kilometers. The cost is basically untouched by many people. After knowing it, many people select models on the market that are equipped with timing chains. What are the characteristics of timing chain and timing belt?

Timing belt:
Low noise, timing belt models. In terms of noise control, the frictional sound of rubber and metal can be basically blocked in the engine compartment by the timing cover and sound insulation material, and the cockpit will basically not hear disturbing noises; belt transmission resistance Small, transmission inertia is small, can improve the power and acceleration performance of the engine; timing belt replacement is easy, but the belt is easy to age, the failure rate is high. Increasing the use cost within 30W kilometers, coupled with rough driving methods, such as rapid acceleration, four or five thousand shift gears, etc., may lead to shortened or broken belt life.

Timing chain:
Long service life (no need to replace within 30W km) The timing chain is worry-free, eliminating the trouble of regular replacement, and also saving part of the cost. Driving a timing chain drive car, you don't need to worry about it because of "overdue disrepair" There is a danger that the impact force is too large and broken at the moment of starting or rapid acceleration. But when the vehicle travels for about 100,000 kilometers, the disadvantages of the chain are undoubtedly exposed. You will obviously feel that the sound of the engine is abnormal, and it is a bit unacceptable when the noise is serious. This is due to the wear between the chain and the transmission wheels. resulting in. If it is to be replaced, it will surpass the replacement of the timing belt in terms of material costs and working hours. The failure rate is low, and it is not easy to cause the car to break down due to timing transmission failure, but the chain is noisy; the chain transmission resistance is large, and the transmission inertia is also large. From a certain perspective, it increases fuel consumption and reduces performance.