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Processing characteristics of crankshaft pulling technology


 With the continuous improvement of the processing technology of automotive engine crankshafts, compared with crankshaft multi-tool turning and crankshaft milling, the turning process is competitive in terms of production quality, processing efficiency and flexibility, as well as equipment investment and production costs , Its characteristics are as follows:

  • 1.High production efficiency

The cutting speed of turning is high. The calculation formula of cutting speed is:
Vc = πdn / 1000 (m / min)
d——workpiece diameter, diameter unit is mm;
n——workpiece speed, unit is r / min.
Cutting speed is about 150 ~ 300m / min when processing steel crankshaft, 50 ~ 350m / min when processing crankshaft of cast iron,
The feed speed is fast (3000mm / min during roughing and about 1000mm / min during finishing), so the processing cycle is short and the production efficiency is high.

  • 2.High processing accuracy

The cutting blades mounted on the disc broach body are divided into rough cutting teeth, fine cutting teeth, root rounded cutting teeth and shoulder cutting teeth. Each blade only participates in short cutting during relative high-speed movement with the workpiece, and the thick metal cut is very thin (about 0.2 to 0.4 mm, which can be calculated based on the machining allowance of the blank). Therefore, the blade bears a small impact force, and the cutting tooth has a small thermal load, which prolongs the life of the blade and reduces the residual stress after the workpiece is cut. So as to ensure the precision and quality of the surface of the workpiece after cutting.

  • 3. Low investment in process

Due to the turning process, the crankshaft neck, shoulder and sinker can be machined at the same time without additional extra lathes. In addition, the drawing precision is high. Generally, the process of rough grinding the journal can be eliminated, and the increased investment and related production costs to improve production efficiency and production quality can be eliminated. In addition, the tool life is long and the cost is low. Therefore, the car-pulling process is adopted, with less investment and good economic benefits.

  • 4. Good processing flexibility

You only need to make minor adjustments to the fixtures and tools, modify the processing parameters or change the program or rewrite the program, you can quickly adapt to the change of crankshaft varieties and different batches of production, and give full play to the advantages of computer control technology.