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Popularization of China-Europe Express Lines


China Railway Express (CR express) refers to a containerized international rail intermodal train that runs between China and Europe and countries along the Belt and Road in accordance with fixed train numbers, routes, schedules and full operating hours. Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed cooperation initiatives in September and October 2013. It runs through the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa, with members covering 136 countries or regions, relying on major international channels on land, and key ports at sea.

New Silk Road

1. North Line A: North America (United States, Canada)-North Pacific-Japan, South Korea-Sea of ​​Japan-Vladivostok (Zalubino Port, Slavyanka, etc.)-Hunchun-Yanji-Jilin ——Changchun (i.e. Changjitu Development and Opening Pilot Zone)——Mongolia——Russia——Europe (Northern Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Southern Europe)
2. North Line B: Beijing-Russia-Germany-Northern Europe
3. Midline: Beijing-Zhengzhou-Xi'an-Urumqi-Afghanistan-Kazakhstan-Hungary-Paris
4. Southern route: Quanzhou-Fuzhou-Guangzhou-Haikou-Beihai-Hanoi-Kuala Lumpur-Jakarta-Colombo-Kolkata-Nairobi-Athens-Venice
5. Center line: Lianyungang-Zhengzhou-Xi'an-Lanzhou-Xinjiang-Central Asia-Europe

The China-Europe Express has laid out three routes in the West and the Middle East: the Western Corridor departs from Central and Western China via Alashankou (Khorgos), the Central Corridor is from North China through Erenhot, and the Eastern Corridor is from Southeast China. The coastal areas leave the country via Manzhouli (Suifenhe). The opening of the China-Europe Express has strengthened business and trade ties with European countries and has become the backbone of international logistics land transportation.
Since the successful operation of the first China-Europe train (Chongqing-Duisburg, Yuxin-Europe International Railway) on March 19, 2011, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Suzhou, Guangzhou and other cities have also opened containers to Europe. Class train,

From January to April 2020, a total of 2,920 trains were opened and 262,000 TEUs of goods were sent by China-Europe freight trains, an increase of 24% and 27% year-on-year respectively, and the overall heavy container rate was 98%. Among them, the 1638 trains and 148,000 TEUs on the outbound journey increased by 36% and 40% respectively, and the heavy container rate was 99.9%; the 1282 trains and 114,000 TEUs on the return journey increased by 11% and 14% respectively, and the heavy container rate was 95.5%.