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Piston ring installation instructions


1.Before installing the piston ring, the piston ring groove must be cleaned to ensure that the bottom and the upper and lower parts of the ring groove are free of debris and are not damaged.
2.To use special piston ring pliers for installation, must not be installed by hand;

3.The installation should start from the bottom of the oil ring. When installing, make sure the TOP face of the piston ring with the word "TOP" is facing up.

4.Pay attention to the installation of multi-piece oil ring: first install the support spring, then install the scraper, the scraper should be closed in the direction of the pin hole, after installing the upper scraper, close the support spring, pay attention not to overlap, then install the lower scraper;

5.When installing the oil ring of coil spring , open the spring and put it into the oil ring groove, close the spring interface, and then install the oil ring body into the ring groove, the opening of the oil ring must be opposite the brace spring joint;

6.Do not use too much force during installation, or the piston ring will break. The opening of the installed piston ring shall avoid the piston pin hole and the vertical direction of the piston pin hole, and the opening positions of each ring shall be staggered 90-120 degrees. After the piston ring is loaded into the ring groove, it should be rotated to avoid stuck;

7.After the piston ring is installed, the clearance between the upper and lower end faces and the upper and lower sides of the ring groove shall be tested. The maximum clearance shall not exceed 0.10mm. If the clearance distance is wrong, please check whether the piston ring is matched with the piston. Chrome plated piston ring should not be used with the inner wall is also chrome plated cylinder liner.