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Engine cylinder bore selection


 When choosing a cylinder, we can choose from the size of the force that is the choice of cylinder diameter. Determine the thrust and pulling force output by the cylinder according to the size of the load force. Generally, the force of the cylinder required by the theoretical balance of the external load is selected, and different load rates are selected according to different speeds, so that the output force of the cylinder has a little margin. If the cylinder diameter is too small, the output power is not enough, but the cylinder diameter is too large, making the equipment bulky, increasing the cost, increasing the gas consumption, and wasting energy. In the fixture design, the force expansion mechanism should be used as much as possible to reduce the external size of the cylinder.

The stroke of the piston is related to the use occasion and the stroke of the mechanism, but generally the full stroke is not selected to prevent the piston and the cylinder head from colliding. If it is used for clamping mechanism, etc., a margin of 10-20 mm should be added according to the calculated stroke.

Mainly depends on the input compressed air flow rate of the cylinder, the size of the cylinder's intake and exhaust ports and the size of the inner diameter of the duct. It is required that high-speed movement should take a large value. The cylinder movement speed is generally 50~800mm/s. For high-speed moving cylinders, a large inner diameter intake pipe should be selected; for load changes, in order to obtain a slow and stable moving speed, you can choose a throttle device or a gas-liquid damping cylinder to achieve speed control. When selecting a throttle valve to control the speed of the cylinder, please pay attention to: when the cylinder is installed horizontally to push the load, it is recommended to use the exhaust throttle speed regulation; when the cylinder is installed vertically to lift the load, it is recommended to use the intake throttle speed regulation; the end of the stroke is required to move smoothly When avoiding impact, a cylinder with a buffer device should be used.