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Cylinder head installation steps and bolt torque


In principle, the installation of the cylinder head should be performed in the order of disassembly first, and then pay attention to the following issues during assembly:

1. Before installing the cylinder head, rotate the crankshaft to the top dead center position of the first cylinder.

2. When installing the cylinder head gasket, the side marked (part number) must be visible.

3. Replace the cylinder head fastening bolts. Do not reuse the bolts that have been tightened according to the tightening torque.

4. Tighten the cylinder head bolts with a torque of 40N.m in the order shown in the figure below, and then tighten 180 ° with a wrench.

5. Install timing toothed belt (adjust gas distribution phase) and install valve cover.

6. Adjust the throttle lock and fill with new coolant.

7. Perform throttle control unit matching.

8. Query the fault code. Unplugging the electronic component plug of the electronic control unit will cause fault storage, query the fault code, and delete the fault code if necessary.

9. Pay attention to the tightening torque of the main component bolts. The tightening torque of the front exhaust pipe and exhaust manifold banning bolts is 20N.m, the tightening torque of the banning bolts between the intake manifold bracket and the engine is 20N.m, the intake manifold bracket and the intake manifold fastening bolts The tightening torque is 30N.m.