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Crankshaft connecting rod mechanism and valve train damage reference standard


  Crank Mechanism

cylinder block
1. The fixing screw holes of the external parts of the cylinder block are damaged. If permitted, the method of reaming and increasing the thread size can be used to repair.
2. The engine foot is broken (not more than 1). If the working performance permits, it can be repaired according to the welding process without replacing the entire cylinder block.
3. The bearing seat and the cylinder working chamber are cracked, and the cylinder block needs to be replaced.
4. For cracks in other parts of the cylinder block (no more than 5cm), in principle, as long as it is not the matching part of the machine part, or the location is not in the oil channel, it can be repaired by bonding, thread filling, welding and other methods.
5. Replace the damaged or broken cylinder block.

Cylinder head
1. The fixing bolt hole is cracked and the internal thread of the screw hole is damaged, and repair methods can be used to deal with it.
2. The cylinder head should be replaced if it is damaged, dropped quickly, broken, or twisted.

Oil pan
1. Generally deformed or cracked thin steel plate oil pan can be repaired by shaping or welding.
2. Aluminum alloy oil pan, because the material is brittle and mostly broken, it should be replaced.

Connecting rod/crankshaft
1. Replace the broken or deformed.

Flywheel/flywheel housing
1. The flywheel is made of cast iron, its cross-section size is large, and it is protected by the flywheel shell, which is generally difficult to damage; the flywheel shell is made of cast iron or aluminum alloy, the repair process is complicated, and it is generally replaced.

  Air Supply

Timing gear cover
1. Replacement for defects, cracks or deformation. 

Timing gear
1. The timing gear teeth are damaged, and the gear hub is cracked or deformed. Replace it.

1. Replace the camshaft with bent or damaged bearing seat.