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Mini cooper clubman R55 R56 1.6L 2.0L Timing Kit



Model:MINI (R56) Cooper D(1.6L/2.0L)) SD(2.0L) (N47C16U1, N47C20A ) 10.6-,MINI CLUBMAN (R55) Cooper D,SD N47C20A 1995CC 11.2-,MINI CLUBMAN (R55) One D N47C16A 1598CC 10.3-,MINI Convertible (R57) Cooper D N47C16A 1598CC 10.6-

Sprocket:13527797906, 11318509926

Guide Rail:13527797903, 11317797899, 11317797898, 13527797904

Quantities can be customized


Piston Ring
Timing Kit
Seal ring
Cylinder Head
Cylinder Liner

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 Features & benefits
*O.E.M Specifications
*Timing Set Design: Adjustable Engine Timing,Standard Replacement
*Reinforced Chains With Rounded Links For Less Noise & More Performance
*Gears Are Heat Treated For A Longer Life
*60,000 kilometers warranty

Product details
Part number:BM004
BM004 OE No. as below
Timing chain 06CT.K-1-70link
Timing chain 06CT.K-1-48link
Timing chain  05CT.K-1-86link
Sproket 11318509926
Sproket 13527797906
Tensioner 13527797905
Tensioner 11317797901
Guide 13527797903
Guide 11317797899
Guide 11317797898
Guide 13527797904
Oil Spry Pipe  

HC complete timing chain kit contains :
3pc × Timing chain
2pc × Sprocket
2pc × Tensioner
4pc × Guide
1pc × Oil spry pipe
E81 E87 116d 118d 120d 123d N47D20A/B/C 1995CC 2007.3-
E90 E91 E92 E93 320d N47D20C/N4D20A N57D30A N57N306D3 1995CC 2007.7-
E90 E91 E92 E93 325d 330d, xd N57D30A N57N306D3 2993CC 2007.3
E60 E61 520d F10 F11 520d N47D20A/N47D20C 1995CC 2007.9-
F07 F10 F11 525d 530d 535d N57D30A N57SD30B 2993CC 2010.3-
F01 F02 F03 F04 730d 740d N57D30A N57SD30B 2993CC 2008.10-
X1 E84 sDrive xDrive 18d 20d 23d N47D20C / N47SD20D 1995CC 2009.10-
X3 E83 2.0d X3 F25 xDrive 20d N47D20A/C 07.9-
X5 E70 xDrive 30d 40d N57D30A N57SD30B 2993CC 08.9-
X6 E71 E72 xDrive 30d 40d M57N2 306 D3 / N57D30A N57S30B 08.5-
MINI R56 Cooper D 1.6L/2.0L, SD 2.0L N47C16U1,N47C20A 10.6-
MINI CLUBMAN R55 Cooper D,SD N47C20A 1995CC 11.2-
MINI CLUBMAN R55 One D N47C16A 1598CC 10.3-
MINI Convertible R57 Cooper D N47C16A 1598CC 10.6-
MINI Convertible R57 Cooper D,SD N47C20A 1995CC 11.2-
MINI Coupe R58 Cooper SD N47C20A 1995CC 11.9-
MINI COUNTRYMAN R60 Cooper D ,SD,ALL4 1.6L 2.0L N47C16A,N47C20A,N47C16U1 2010.6-

Packing Information
Quantity / Carton : 10 set
Carton Size            51*34*27 cm

12 Month/ 60,000 km 

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