• Mercedes C Class Timing Chain Kit

E Class Mercedes Timing Chain Kit

Engine:Mercedes benz


Tensioner :2710500611

Reference No.:TCK101NG & TCK102

Quantities can be customized


Piston Ring
Timing Kit
Seal ring
Cylinder Head
Cylinder Liner

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Features & benefits
*All Timing chain kit components meet O.E.M. specifications in manufacturing and material
*Precision machined parts
*Coated in rust preventative
*60,000 kilometers warranty
*No tiresome working

Product details

Part number:BZ010
Timing Chain A0009932176
Balance Chain A0009932076
Tensioner A2710500611
Guide A2710521016
Guide A2710521116
Balance Tensioner A2710300963
Guide A2710520416
Lower Gear A2710521703

HC complete timing chain kit contains
2pc × Timing chain
1pc × Tensioner
4pc × Guide rail
Note: Timing chain kit with sprocket is available,  Part number is BZ010-1, it's including 8 piece parts as photo.
          Timing chain kit with cam phaser (VVT Gear )and sprocket is available,  Part number is BZ010-1-V, it's including 10 piece parts as photo.

BZ010 Timing chain kit fit for
Saloon T-Model Convertible
E-CLASS T-Model (S211) E 200 T Kompressor (211.242)M 271.941 03.3-09.7
E-CLASS T-Model (S211) E 200 Kompressor (211.241) M 271.956 1796CC 06.4-09.7
E-CLASS (W211) E 200 Kompressor (211.041) M 271.956 1796CC 06.4-08.12
E-CLASS (W211) E 200 Kompressor (211.042) M 271.941 1796CC 02.11-08.12
CLK Convertible (A209) 200 Kompressor (209.441) M271.955 1796CC 06.10-
CLK Convertible (A209) 200 Kompressor (209.442) M271.940 1796CC 03.2-05
CLK (C209) 200 Kompressor (209.341) M 271.955 1796CC 06.10-
CLK (C209) 200 CGI (209.343) M 271.942 1796CC 03.7-
C CLASS T-Model (S204) C 200 Kompressor (204.246)M 271.952 1796CC 07.8-
C CLASS T-Model (S204) C 200 Kompressor(204.248)M 271.950 1796CC 07.8-
C CLASS T-Model (S203) C 230 Kompressor(203.240)M 271.948 04.2-07.8
C CLASS T-Model (S203) C 200 CGI Kompressor(203.2)M 271.942 03.7-07.8
C CLASS T-Model (S203) C 180 Kompressor(203.246)M 271.946 02.5-07.8
C CLASS (W203) C 180 M 271.946 1796CC 02.6-08.3
BZ010 Timing chain kit Packing
Quantity / Carton : 5 set
Carton Size :         35*26*37 cm

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