• cam phaser vvt gear for Toyota

VVT gear for Asian vehicle

Quantities can be customized


Piston Ring
Timing Kit
Seal ring
Cylinder Head
Cylinder Liner

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Features & benefits
*O.E.M Specifications
*Timing Set Design: Adjustable Engine Timing,Standard Replacement
*Reinforced Chains With Rounded Links For Less Noise & More Performance
*Gears Are Heat Treated For A Longer Life
*60,000 kilometers warranty
Hyundai 24350-2E011
Hyundai 24370-2E010
Hyundai 24350-2B000
Hyundai 24350-25000
Hyundai 24370-2G000
Hyundai 24350-23800 24350-26800
Mazda 6M8G-6C525-CD
Nissan 13025-8J02A/13025-AE000/
Nissan 13025-AX011
Nissan 13025-EN20A
Nissan 13025-ED00B
Nissan 13025-AE02A
Nissan 13025-JK21A
Toyota 13050-22012
Toyota 13050-28012
Toyota 13050-28021(0H030)
Toyota 13050-75010
Toyota 13050-31141
Toyota 13050-0H030
Toyota 13050-31040

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