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Timing Chain maintenance


1. The cam sprockets/crank sprocket and timing chain have to replaced at the same time after sprocket wears badly,to ensure a good mesh between these parts. If only change only the badly worn part, it may cause poor meshing and accelerate the wear of the new timing chain or new sprocket.
2. If the new timing chain is too long or it is stretched after use, it can reduce even number of links to make sure the chain work smooth.
3. The new sprocket is not permit skew and wobble when install in engine. Friction sprocket flank phenomenon is not allowed; if the two-sprocket offset is too large, it's easy to cause de-chaining and accelerated wear. In the replacement of sprocket must pay more attention to check and adjust the offset.
4. The tightness of timing chain should be appropriate.Bcs too tight to increase power consumption,bearing is easy to wear; if chain is too loose,it's easy beat and disengage.
5. The chain should be filled with lubricating oil in time,and it must enter the clearance between the roller and the inner sleeve.